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Artist Statement

Eating, breathing, creating… all equally vital for my existence, my personal artwork is solely a form of self expression. When I discovered that I could create visions on canvas that matched the thoughts in my mind, I experienced a great sense of relief. I create because I have to. No matter what the future holds, I will always be creating.

My Ideas
I have never experienced 'artist block' or wondering what to paint, only the dilemma of which idea to paint next. I am constantly wondering how I will ever find time to capture all the visions going through my head. The more I work, the more ideas are borne. Therefore, the more I paint, the more I leave unpainted.

  Artist, Antoine de Villiers
Photo by TJ Louw

Figurative and nude work
Nude figure studies are certainly one of my most preferred themes. To me, there is nothing more honest and serene. Every single figurative piece I create, I attempt to approach with the highest respect for the human form. My aim is to capture the real and raw moments of our every day life, accepting things as they truly are.  I do not wish to glorify, but simply to accept, interpret and reflect.

I never really think of my figurative subjects as ‘nudes’. But rather the most truthful way I can express an experience or moment, taking place in my mind.

My inner Gemini’s other side.

Abstraction is one of the movements in art that I most admire. Sometimes I feel I am at the mere foot of a mountain of higher consciousness when I consider this school.

When I approach space and form from an imaginative, spiritual and non-realistic perspective, I often feel I am creating a more honest portrayal of something which has left an impression on my heart and mind. To me abstraction and true representation are not so far apart. Abstract art is one of the most personal, emotional and thought-provoking forms of art.

My aim
In my work I seek to complement the moments I encounter. I attempt to break life down to its visual essentials – light, shadow, balance, movement, harmony. By doing this perhaps I can reveal a new perspective. I enjoy capturing the essence of a moment and telling a story by diversity of color and composition.

Often this process leaves me feeling naked and exceptionally vulnerable. My hope is that while looking at my artwork, the viewer will get that special feeling of being involved in something personal.

The canvas is my playground of ideas, some of my visions are here, it is my art, it is what I have to offer.